New Single by Third Party: “Come With Me”

Coming from their intimate sold-out show during Amsterdam Dance Event in October, Third Party are now back with their new single Come With Me. It’s their third single out of their forthcoming sophomore album, following “Free” and “Midnight“.

After showing their Progressive House production skills from a calmer side on “Midnight”, “Come With Me” is coming back to the more uplifting side with melodies full of emotions. To round it up, “Come With Me” drops with a beautiful sing-along vocal, addressing music as a healer. Lines like “No one has to be alone,” and “If it gets colder, I will help you find the light.” show just that.

“Come With Me” is out now – check out the official video below and stream it on Spotify! All links to the other stores can be found here.

Max Bisi

Supporter of the groovy and housy sounds. Editor at Electric Line. Check out my weekly #Bisicast on my Facebook profile ;)

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