Hey HUGEL, ¿How is everything going? We are really happy to have you with us. We have been looking forward to having this opportunity to be with you for an interview.

If everything is okay, let´s start!

We would like to know, how did everything start in your DJ & producer career?

I dropped out school when I was 17. I wanted to be a DJ. I hated school and studies I wanted to play music and party all the time. I just didn’t know I could get paid for it.

Did you family/friends support you?

They were surprised at the beginning because your parents think « security » and DJ is not really safe ahah. But then they always told me to do what you wanna do and what you love to do. I like the risk anyway ahah.

Facebook: Hugel.

Do you produce another style different from Hip Hop and house? If not, will you try to in the future?

My main thing is the house music with some urban influences. Why not try different things in the future.


How did you start the idea/project of your famous remix of “Bella Ciao” released under Scorpio Music?

I grew up in Marseille with the Arabic, the Italians, the Corsicans people. We all grew up with that song. It was played in bars, restaurants… so when I heard it in this series « La casa de Papel » I was like «I should produce a live edit of this »

Facebook: Hugel.

Great to hear that you are regularly playing in Ibiza at the BIG party at the famous club Ushuaïa Ibiza and also at Pacha, both with David Guetta. How did you discover this? What was your first reaction when you heard it?

The first time was Pacha 26.05.2016 for “Fuck me I’m famous” with David I was like « oh my god am I dreaming ? ». Ibiza is my favourite place in the world. It represents the champions league of the DJs. I’m so grateful and honoured to be part of it for the 3rd year.

Which festival haven´t you played in, and you would like to?

My dream is to do « Coachella »

Facebook: Hugel.

And any special country that you wanted to visit and you haven´t?

I would love to go to South America. It feels like such an amazing place with a lot of culture. I would love to see it.

Not only this, we have also heard that you opend act for David Guetta on his European Tour this year. Do you have any surprise for the crowd?

Yes, it was on January / February and that was one the best moment in my career as a DJ.

Facebook: Hugel.

The last and more personal question. We all go through rough moments, ups and downs in our artistic career. Which advice would you give to the HUGEL of the past?

Never give up is the major key. I’m the one who still believes in it when all the others think it’s dead.

Well that´s all we are really glad we could have this interview. It was really a pleasure to know more about you, as you know, whatever you need we are here to help you! Hope to see you soon on next events around the world and good luck with everything!



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