Amazing surprise on Tomorrowland by Paul Kalkbrenner!

It is already a reality, this is a perfect album, an album that lovers of him and his music are enjoying each and every one of the little sand that is releasing the German these weeks.

Parts of Life is the name chosen for such a long-awaited compilation and each of the singles is named with a numbering in English. We started a few weeks ago with one of the ID’s that rang on Tomorrowland 2017 main stage, Part Three, a song that was eating our heads since it played more than 8 months ago in Belgium.

And why there? In Belgium, in Tomorrowland, where everything started. Once again he has shown us  that is one of his favorite dates and has decided to play with them a great set. Just a few days after the official launch of Part Eight, the official Tomorrowland channel has offered us a live set from Paul from the Tomorrowland stage … in its natural state. Magical is the perfect word to describe what Tomorrowland and Paul have made us feel with this set at Boom Park.

At the end of the set, Tomorrowland posted an image with the track list written in Paul’s handwriting:


The expected album will arrive the second week of May, almost at the end of its European tour. From the team of Electric Line we can say that we are facing his best work, what little we have seen is exceeding all possible expectations and is creating a better environment than the one created after “7”, an album that marked a before and after in his musical career. The question is … Will it outperform Berlin Calling? ”

So far we have knowledge of 5 songs from the new album, not to mention his remix of The Flute Song that we do not know if it will be included in the compilation. In the next few days the Electric Line team will be in touch once with their team and we will try to repeat the interview they gave us last year in London and tell us a bit more about how they feel after their great album.

Here we leave the set made exclusively for Tomorrowland, which in just 2 days exceeds one and a half million visits:


Carlos Ruben

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