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We are so happy to have the rising and young talented DJ&Producer from Italy,Game Over Djs.They’ve just dropped remix of “Come Back To Me”by Italian big name Nari&Milani and Kenn Colt on Woof Rec.This remix was premiered in m2o,Italian famous radio station a few moths ago,and Nari&Milani introduced these talented guys to the world.They also released some tracks so far,and they’ve got many supports from famous DJs like Tiësto,Fedde Le grand, Dannic,Nicky Romero,Promise Land,Dada Life,Daddy’s Groove and many more.They talked us a lot about their background,music career,tracks,intresting strory about their DJ name.Enjoy!!!
1.First of all,Can you introduce a little bit of yourself?(How long have you been producing?How did you meet each other??)
Hi guys, we are Matteo and Alessandro and, as you already know, we are ‘Game Over Djs’. We are 19 and we are from Italy. About our story, we met each other about 8 years ago in a pianist group of our hometown and we started playing and having concert together as a ‘piano duo’. Then we met 2 years later in a birthday… that was the first time that we played together and some months later, exactly the November 3rd of 2012, we decided to perform with our name “Game Over Djs” for the first time and we played with some strange masks… ahah how many memories… Then in 2013 we started approaching with EDM world and producers life…and… here we are..!
2.The first time we heard your name was in Dannic’s Podcast,Fonk Radio. Besides Dannic,your tracks received support from some of the big names like Fedde Le Grand Promise Land Daddy’s groove.How do you feel about that?
Well, it’s something incredible to see today that our tracks were played by some famous artists like: Tiësto, Nicky Romero, Dada Life, Dannic, Fedde Le Grand, Merk & Kremont, etc… About Dannic, in 2017 he played 6 our tracks.. we talked with him some times…
3.Personally”Shout”collaborated with Akami is my favorite track of yours.How do you describe your sound?
“Shout” with Akami is our track most played from artists… we received about 38 supports on 1001 Tracklists and we are really proud of it.. About the sound, this one was a little more funky… a sound that we thought it could fit with radios.. in fact,m2o and Radio Deejay(2 of the most famous Italian dance radios) played it… What we are doing now it’s a strange sound.. we always have loved melodies… you will see…
Speaking of Akami,you released some tracks with him.What was it like working with him?How did you meet him?Any release plans with him near future??
Who were your early influences? Who are you influenced by recently?
Yeah we released about 4 tracks with him.. We are big friends and we talked for the first time via Facebook.. we were fans of him because he is mostly famous for being the resident deejay of “Papeete Beach” that is the most famous Italian club in the beach..! Working with him it’s always cool… He’s a big person.. hope you will know him! About our future.. we don’t have anything with him but… we will talk with him soon… who knows?
4.Who were your early influences? Who are you influenced by recently?
Well, we must say that EDM changed a lot in the last 5 years… Initially we were influenced by Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Axwell, Steve Angello, etc… and they still are our best influence right now… because we love the ‘classics’. But nowadays we also love so much: Kryder, Tom Staar, D.O.D, NEW_ID and many more… We think that a lot of news stars are coming in the next years…
5.There are many famous and talented producers like Nari&Milani,Promise Land ,Daddy’s Grooove Benny Bennasi and Cube Guys in Italy.How do you think about Italian Dance Music scene?And how do you want to work in this scene??
Yes, Italy is full of talented guys… we could start talking about ‘Merk & Kremont’ but we don’t need to tell something about them.. ahah we think you already know all about their big talent… There are also: Sunstars, Dirty Ducks, Delayers, Havoc & Lawn, KANU and many more.. that are super talented and our big friends! We hope to become all famous one day…
6.Any plans for new tracks that you can tell us?
Yes of course! We can tell you that we made a special remix… We are so proud of it because the original track is produced by: Nari & Milani and Kenn Colt. Nari & Milani invited us on a live stream of their label “WOOF Records” and presented our remix to the world… they really liked it! Also we hope you will enjoy, because it’s the start of our new era… We also must say thanks to our new manager: Riccardo Tesini, that gave us this incredible opportunity, we are so proud to announce for the first time that we signed with “Virus T Studio Management”. (Hi Ricky!)

7.Do you have any upcoming collaborations in the future?
Yes, we have about 3 collaborations but we can’t spoiler it right now… please stay tuned with our socials!
8.Where does the name for Game Over Djs come from?
Ahahah everybody asks us this question… well, we don’t know very well how we decided that name… but we can tell you that was born from a bet. In our hometown, Rimini, all the deejays were at the same time PRs and most of them weren’t able to play.. ahah so we started calling in this way so that people could understand that “Djs aren’t PR” and also that we were able to play and we won’t ever fail during our dj sets… For now, everything went well ahahah.. hope also in the future! Ahahah strange story, isn’t it?
9.Leave a message to Japanese fans!!
Hi Electric Line readers! Hope you enjoyed our interview! We hope to play in Japan soon..! Cheers!

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