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KANU -Interview

Sosumi Records discovering various producers from various countries and releasing many tracks.
KANU who has just released “Runner” last month on Sosumi has not revealed identity to any SNS.Are they duo?Italian? there are still mysteries.
I saw their profile when they released Driver last December, I was surprised at first that there is Japanese words “虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず”,means Nothing ventured, nothing gained.Also they uses Japanese samurai movies for their music video. “It might something to do with Japan? ! ”
This time we hapilly to introduce some tracks released on Sosumi so far and introduce their interviews.


This track is the first released on Sosumi and their debut track as KANU as well.
They used Latin percussion mixed various genres like house, progressive and others


Runner has been just released last month.This track has been completed by repeating the adjustment as much as possible until they satisfied it.
They mainly used guitar and it includes many music tastes as well as Driver.


1.You had not revealed your identity before ADE this year.

We are happy to see your face in your SNS 🙂
But we still can’t know your biography through SNS.
Tell us about your self as possible as you can.

ーWe are producers and we got our personal careers, we did a lot of work as artistic producers also and songwriters on pop dance market. We just celebrate last week our 10th platinum record, but we focus so much on Kanu project because we always look at the underground scene.

2.I was surprised about your Japanes coment on your SNS profile,虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず and you used Japanese SAMURAI movie on your music video.

ーJapanese culture is so fascinating, from Its very old roots to modern society. Samurais are a symbol of  greatness, sense of honor, loyalty, things that matters to us. Japan is a magic place we can’t wait to come and visit.

3.You released “Driver”on Sosumi Records last year.

How did you make it and how did you make relationship with Sosumi?

ーDriver, our first release. We are very bound to it, because represents the beginning of our career. One day we came in the studio and we decided to do something different, non conventional, something epic, unique. After composing Driver, we went to ADE and met Kryder who immediately fell in love with the track, and he gave us the possibility to work with him and Sosumi. We are very grateful of this chance.

4.You finally released “RUNNER”last month.

I think it took a long time to release,is there any reasons.

ーThere’s no particular reason, what we can say is that we wanna give 110 % in every track we produce, and we are not releasing music until we are satisfied of the work done in the Studio. We are used to do a lot of sound research, and focus on melodies and then Finalize the song to make it high quality standard.

5.What is the Image of RUNNER?
What inspired to make this track?

―With Runner we wanted to continue our research  we started in driver, but with different instrument. This time a guitar is doing the whole part on the breakdown.

6.Do you have any plans to release on Sosumi Records or other labels this year?

ーWe are absolutely working on new music to release this year, sosumi is still our place to be.

7.Do you have any upcoming collaborations in the future?

ーWe are checking for some good collaborations with other djs, but always looking for a song that makes the difference, that’s why we are still stuck alone in the studio, we wanna give the best.

8.Please leave a message to Japanese fans!!!

ーTo our Japanese fans we wanna say:


Never give up!!

Hope to be with you very soon

We can’t wait for their new track!!

SURPRISE we are KANU!!! Thanks Boss for the great party 🙏🏻 @krydermusic @sosumirecords

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