An Interview with D.O.D

An Interview with D.O.D at the Parookaville Festival in Germany

We had the huge honor to interview the UK producer and DJ D.O.D at the Parookaville Festival in Germany two weeks ago. He played a massive set at the Axtone stage there. He talks with Electric Line about his recent releases (also his track “Unforgettable” which is out today on Axtone – listen below), his skills as a DJ and his future plans.

Electric Line: Did you enjoy your set and the crowd at Parookaville?

D.O.D: The crowd was great at Parookaville! I really love playing to my German fans; I feel they really understand my #FutureJack sound. It was also refreshing to play under the Axtone brand too, I’ve been a big fan of the label for years, so it was a cool experience.

You had releases on two of the most prestigious labels in the scene: Axtone (“Sixes”) and Size (“Satisfy”). What were your first thoughts after you heard that your music will be in their catalogues? And how did it come about? At that time, you were releasing tracks with different sounds on other labels.

It was a great feeling to be honest. I’ve been such a fan of both labels for years and I’ve always supported the music they’ve put out. The signings came about from me sending to the records direct to Axwell & Steve. I’ve been totally blown away with the responses from both releases, they’ve done way better than I could have ever imagined!

Let’s talk about the “genre” you “created”  – you called it “Future Jack” (on your “Axtone Presents” podcast episode) – tell us a bit of you came up with the name, what is it all about and how does it differ from your previous sound?

Future Jack is a fusion between Jackin’ house, groovy baselines & mind bending electronic sounds. I’m all about originality and I feel #FutureJack oozes it.

You showed off some of your DJ skills during your live set broadcast for Axtone. How long did you practice for becoming a skilled DJ?

I was a commercial DJ for around 8 years, playing in local bars and clubs for 8 hours a night, spinning pop music! I did this so I didn’t have to get a normal 9-5 (job), freeing up my time to produce during the week. When I was DJing for so long every weekend, I used to get really bored as I didn’t particularly like the music I was playing. To pass the time I taught myself tricks on the decks, hoping it would also get me noticed by other bars and clubs in the local area. I feel having the skill and really knowing your way around the decks sets you apart from other DJs. 95% of what you do now is based on the records you produce, but if you can kick ass on the decks too, it’s impressive to people hat know what they’re talking about.

You released your collab with Fedde Le Grand back in May this year. How did you both come up with the idea for the collab?

I actually made the breakdown of the track a couple of years back and was playing it out all that time. I felt the track was missing that extra icing on the cake to take it to the next level so I decided to send it to Fedde. He got back straight away and wanted to work on it with me! I’ve been playing Fedde’s music for years nowise it was dope he wanted to work on it with me! What I loved about the collab was that it turned out as a 50/50 track, not something you often find when collaborating with a A-list DJ. Fedde’s a cool guy – it was a pleasure to work with him.

We can find rips one of your upcoming tracks on the internet already, it’s titled “Unforgettable”. When can we expect it to be released?

“Unforgettable” is my next release on Axtone which will be out Friday 4th Aug on all platforms! Axwell picked this up a few months back –  I’m super excited about the release!
D.O.D – Unforgettable is out now on Axtone!


What kinds of music do you usually listen to apart from dance music?

I listen to a lot of Contemporary Jazz when I’m in airports and general travelling to shows. It can get really hectic and stressful on the road. I feel listening to Jazz chills me out which is important as a touring DJ.

We can see on Facebook that you are a very humorous producer. So when can we expect to see you back as “Gary The Ghost”?

Gary will be back soon, he’s been on vacation for a while now making beats for other producers 🙂

About your future dream collaborators: With whom would you like to collab next or the most?

Axwell for sure!

Final question: What are your plans for the upcoming summer (gigs, shows, studio work)?

I’m touring lots this summer, mainly in Europe and Asia. My main focus this summer is to really take my #FutureJack sound to the next level. When I’m at home, I’m in the studio producing and pushing myself. Expect lots of new music! I have 7 records planned for release!
Interview conducted by Sabrina NowakKevin Kittelmann and Max Bisi

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