An interview with the big SANDER VAN DOORN.

An interview with the big SANDER VAN DOORN.

Where did the interest in electronic music come from?

I grew up listening to lots of music when I was a kid. Even at a very young age, I remember hearing these very experimental electronic music records my parents were playing. At a later ago I started to listen to Hardcore which was huge in The Netherlands.

I went to these incredible parties with my friends, who also were into electronic music. I also remember the first piece of hardware I came into contact with. The Roland 303 Groovebox which belonged to my brother.

I was blown away by the things this particular piece of hardware could do. The possibilities seemed endless. From that moment on I got deep into the production process of making music and I wanted to be able to make these kinds of songs that I and my friends loved so much. The rest is history.

Have you had difficult moments during your career as a DJ and producer and if so how have you overcome them?

As a music producer, you’re always in search of the next musical story you want to tell. Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to fit a certain mood or vibe you created and translate it into a complete and finished song.

It’s a challenge I find very rewarding once you somehow found a way to put all the pieces together and solve this puzzle you created for yourself. It can help to sometimes create a distance between yourself and the material you’ve been working on, just by focusing on something different. You’ve got to give your ears and mind some rest.

Hearing you own stuff during the production process over and over again can be hard and might cloud your judgment in a negative way because you’re so deeply invested in it.

You might hear better what’s missing the next day.

And what do you think about the evolution of electronic music during these years?

What I like so much about electronic music is that the possibilities are endless and you can create these out of this world sounds never heard before. Electronic music is such a diverse creature that lends itself to all kinds of genres and often seems to be the glue that lets different styles of music interact and seamlessly merge with each other. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

How has DOORN Records evolved and what styles will you continue to focus on?

The label always had its own typical vibe and feel, evolving and staying ahead of its game, while maintaining an open mind towards new influences, styles, and genres of music. The label incorporates these different styles and focuses on a unique sound bringing you new and fresh music made by the best producers from around the globe.

What plans and projects do you have in mind for these next years?

I’m currently getting ready for an incredible summer season filled with amazing gigs I’m looking forward to playing. So I’ll be traveling a lot to my friends in all these exciting countries. I’m working hard on new material for both Sander van Doorn as my alter ego: Purple Haze.

I love having an alter ego, which fueled me even more as an artist and helped me to not worry about boundaries when it comes to music styles or figuring out ways to make it all fit my Sander van Doorn persona. So, expect some great music coming up in the near future and the years to come from both Sander van Doorn and Purple Haze. Be on the lookout because we have some amazing stuff on the horizon.

If you had not become DJ’s, what job or hobbies would you have?

I used to study Business and Economics, so I might have ended up working for the company of my brother. Who knows how things would have gone. I’m happy where I know, that’s the only thing that counts!

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CEO & Co-Founder of Electric Line. (Software Engenier) Web Design, Graphic Design and Programer of Electric Line Platform. Music lover, producer of EDM and some diferent kind of music. Guitar and Piano player. Love to share my thought with the people and spread the love with the amazing language of music too.

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