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Interview with Felix Kröcher at Open Beatz Winter Edition in Nuremberg, Germany

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Interview with Felix Kröcher at Open Beatz Winter Edition in Nuremberg, Germany

The German Techno DJ Felix Kröcher made the crowd go wild at the first installment of the Open Beatz Winter Eition in Germany. After he was done with his set, he took the time for an interview with Electric Line. We asked him about his just finished set, his preparation routines, his first Techno experiences, his influences and more!

Electric Line: You just came off the stage at Open Beatz Winter Edition. Did you enjoy your set and the crowd?

Felix Kröcher: It was wonderful. The expectations for the first edition of Open Beatz Winter Edition were high and they were all fulfilled! I’m very happy about my gig and it was a lot of fun.

How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage for the set? Are you still nervous sometimes?

There’s always a kind of basic nervousness – but that’s important because you want to do a good job. How do I prepare myself? I mean, I’ve already been a dad with four kids for a few years and I prepare my sets in-between when I have some spare time and it works very well for me. When standing on the stage, I select the tracks that I want to play during my set. No set is like another, no matter whether it is the tracklist or the mixing. I’m very spontaneous when it’s about that.

Do the place and the time play a role in which sound you are going to play during your set?

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s often a very spontaneous decision. Playing a set how you’re feeling it like is the most exciting part of being a DJ. To give an example, yesterday I played in a club in front of 200 people – and tonight I’m playing in front of 3,000. That’s a huge difference and challenge at the same time. I’m like an actor: An actor is able of improvising and I’m doing this also very often!

How old have you been when you heard the first techno track? Do you remember which one it was?

I can’t remember it. In general, I wouldn’t be even able to tell you what I played tonight. I’m looking for the tracks that I like while not targeting specific artists. I’m putting all the tracks together for a total picture – every track finds its own place there. The worst thing for me would be to play the same tracks over and over again. If I wanted to do that, I could have started a career as a Pop-DJ. As a Pop-DJ you are playing the same tracks for 40 years – and I don’t even play the same tracks for a week. New tracks are being released constantly and that’s great. I try to combine those and that works really well. Of course, you can make a mistake sometimes, but that’s what this kind of art is about.
To come back to the question, I’ve actually started listening to Techno at the age of nine! I’ve got a six-year-old older sister and I still remember the cassettes I’ve been listening to back in the days. My sister took them home from school and gave them to me. Those cassettes, which contained recorded radio shows, were traded at our schoolyard. In our region, there were the legendary club nights with Chris Liebling at his “Spinclub” near Frankfurt. Other important DJs back then were Sven Väth and of course Torsten Fenslau with his project “Culture Beat” (known for their 1993 classic “Mr. Vain”, editor’s note). That was the music I’ve been listening to at the beginning and in the middle of the 90’s. I kind of stuck to this time and from then on, I never wanted to do anything else but standing on stage. I still enjoy it with every breath I take.

Are there any artists who influenced you the most (both Techno and other genres)?

Yeah, there are many artists who influenced me – also outside the field of Electronic and Techno music – but mostly it was Sven Väth. He is an icon to me. I also love to read artist biographies like those from Falco (Austrian musician, known mostly for his 1986 no. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Rock Me Amadeus”, editor’s note) or Prince. All those artists inspire and fascinate me because being an artist is their destiny – and nothing else. Although I don’t want to imitate them, they are still a great inspiration. It’s interesting to know what all those artists have been through because I made similar experiences in the past and I’m still making them.

What are your plans for this summer (any gigs, shows, residencies)?

I’m planning a lot of shows – January just started and my whole year up to December is already planned. It’s often the case that you already know what to expect; that’s why I was looking forward to the first installment of Open Beatz Winter Edition here at the “Arena Nürnberger Versicherung” so much. I’m proud of the team and what they achieved. I hope to be back this summer for the Open Beatz Festival around this area. I’ve already been a part of the first edition of the Open Beatz Festival and I’m proud of seeing it grow every year. I’m looking forward to being a part of it again.

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Interview conducted by Sabrina Nowak in German, translated into English and edited by Max Bisi.

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