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We talked with Kuaigon, the future of the spanish scene

He doesn´t need presentation. Well, maybe he won´t need it if he continues his fast progression. Mario, A.K.A Kuaigon, came to Madrid about two years ago without any contact or a finished song, and now his music is published in labels as Fonk and mixed by artists like Garrix. We talked with him to know a bit more about his origins, his ambitions, his actual projects with his management and many more.


EL: Tell us about your lasts experiences at booth.

Kuaigon: I played at the last edition of Arcadia Night by EDM Spain in Goya Social Club and it was great.  Before the party, all the artists we were together doing a streaming that went so good. When the night came, I arrived at the club a bit late and with some nervs, but when I went into the booth everything went fine. We improvised the playlist and used a lot of our own productions, getting a great response of the public. I think that next Arcadia it´s gonna be even bigger, as José De Mara told me at ADE, with a more powerful lineup. I don´t know if I´ll be there, but I´m so proud of have been part of the project.

EL: ¿Where does Kuaingon come from?

Kuaigon:  Although it sounds like the Star Wars character, I choosed it just because I like how it sounds. I started djing with a controller, and when the Swedish House Mafia movement arrived, it influenced me a lot, also to every Progressive House producer. Axwell and Angello have been always the role models. When I was 16, I didn´t know what to study and I chose music. It was a big change when my mother bought me a Launchpad and I got into production. In that moment I realized that it was my thing. It started as a hobby, then I studied the music bachelor, where I learned more about teorical aspects and after that I came to Madrid to study production. That was the moment when everything became serious: having a routine, spending a lot of time in the studio, taking care of my image…

EL:¿Taking care of the image?

Kuaigon: I think that you have to take care of your image if there´s something at the back. I use to work on every artistical aspect, then get the corresponding image.  I hate people that just sells you his image. I use my image to sell you the music, not the image just for the image. That´s what I call a poser.

Going back to the question before, when I arrived at Madrid I didn´t know anyone and I didn´t have a finished track. I got some short ideas that didn´t transform into finished tracks until I got focused on House and Progressive. Anyway, I´m so versatile and I try not to make twice the same track.

Kuaigon performing at Marmarela Club (Alicante, Spain)

Here in Madrid I met people as David Tuck and Izan Denver, that became good friends, specially with David, who I got some tracks with. And everything continued getting bigger as soon as I finished my studies at SAE Institute. I didn´t expect to get what I got so soon, like being in Suprmode, publishing a track at Fonk or that Garrix plays one of my songs.

EL: You just arrived from ADE, please tell us your experience

Kuaigon: It was lit, specially because I was lucky to arrive there with finished songs and signed contracts. Appart from that, more things happened there, like the moment when I was in the Fonk party backstage and Hardwell touched me so I could let him pass through the corridor. Best thing of ADE is that all the scene is together in a same place. Everything I mentioned happened the first day!

The next day we were working in the meetings with many companies, such as Protocol, Axtone, Universal… When the night came over, we used to go to parties, meet artists, managers and more people of the industry. Even a guy recognised me! Best thing of this is the feeling of reward: just a year ago I was at my house making music and know I have relationship with relevant artists that know me and listen to my music. I think that all consists on working and going step by step to make a progression, reaching more people every time.


EL: What genre are you focused on producing actually?

Kuaigon: Now I´m becoming darker, as you can see on “Atari”. There are only 6 months of diference between “UP” and it. The thing is that as “UP” came up later, and that makes seeing my progression so difficult.  Atari got a great feedback and now I´m trying to make songs for the club, with tech sounds, so I can say that artists like CamelPhat, Corey James and Sebjak are influencing me a lot.

EL: With who have you enjoyed working more?

Kuaigon: At the booth, with Garabatto. In the Suprmode party we did a b2b at the end and he has a lot of energy at the dance floor, I like his style although is so different to mine.

At the studio, with David Tuck, he is so talented and I really like the last track we have made together. I also enjoyed a lot working with Sansixto, one of the best spanish producers and the first spanish to sign with Revealed.

EL: Worst problems a producer can have.

Kuaigon: Main one is not to be demanding with oneself. There are so many talented guys that don´t  release their full potential. They have to risk everything if it´s needed. Of course, we all have a fear in common: that labels don´t accept our tracks. I´m being lucky in this aspect but of course some times labels have rejected my tracks. That doesn´t have to kill your motivation, but make you improve your quality as a producer.

EL: Is it true that producers think about the label, then they make the track?

Kuaigon: I know a lot of people that work in that way and many other than not. You don´t have the obligation. One of the biggest errors is to copy the last song of the label. Maybe the key is to guess the future sound of the label and create something original from that idea.

EL: How do you see the spanish scene today?

Kuaigon: I´ve got a bad vision about music but a good one of the young people. We have to upgrade a lot of aspects of the electronic and change the mentality that some people has. But by the other hand, we have a lot of talented people who are making a great work. The underground scene is amazing in Spain,  we have great labels like Suara, and Ibiza doesn´t need mention…  I think the mainstream in Spain needs a powerfull label and a big artist, like Axwell and Axtone in Sweden.

EL: What can you tell us about the social life of the producer?

Kuaigon: Biggest trouble is the time. You have to spend most of your time in the studio, and you miss familiy, friends… it´s a lot of sacrifice, but it´s worth it when you reach your goals.

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