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An Interview with Matt Nash

An Interview with Matt Nash

Matt, congratulations on your energetic “Generation Love” EP. How does it feel to be back on Size Records?

Thank you! I am super excited to be back on Size, one of my favourite labels which also has the most loyal and dedicated fans.

You released a lot of great music on some labels. Which labels have (besides Size Records) influenced your career so far?

I think my releases on Axtone (Starlight) and Musical Freedom (Know My Love) have been the most influential mainly because they had the biggest impact on such a large amount of people. I always get people singing along to those tracks at my shows 🙂

How would you describe your signature sound?

That’s a very hard question as I don’t feel I’ve found it yet. But I like to think people can hear certain production elements I do a lot, such as the vocal processing on both Generation & ML4U being similar to Louder and Heartbeats etc.

Check out the full review on Matt Nash’s latest EP on Size Records here http://electricline.com.mx/2017/05/4459/.

We would like to know the story: How have you decided to call your new EP “Generation Love”?

The idea to do an EP originally came from Steve, but the name came about simply by combining My Love for You and Generation :p

Let’s talk about the future. How do you see the future of dance music?

It’s an interesting time for dance music, lots of people saying this scene / genre is dead. But I don’t think house music will ever go away, the 120-128 BPM 4/4 beats are too easy to Dance on 😀

And do you think it is now easier to start as a producer than it was 10 years ago?

I think it’s easier in some aspects, such as installing a DAW and some synths on your laptop, looking up tutorials on YouTube and finding sounds for free online. But it’s also harder because it’s a lot noisier; a lot of DJs / producers making music and releasing tracks makes it difficult to break through that noise.

Nowadays it is easy to share your opinion everywhere and anytime – especially on social media. Do you think that it could be positive for the music industry?

Social media is awesome for artists and fans – it’s so easy to connect with your favourite producers. But as always the downside is the trolls / haters, I think we are quite lucky as this scene is a very supportive one and not hateful bunch!

What’s new for Matt Nash in 2017?

A lot of more music and more touring! Things change that quickly so you never know what will pop up next 😉

If you could sit in the studio with any artist, who would it be?

Obviously, Steve Angello. He’s always been so supportive of my music in his sets and with Size – it would be amazing to sit in the studio together and to work on something!

SIZE FAMILY Uncovered Mix with Matt Nash

Listen to the SIZE FAMILY Uncovered Mix mixed by Matt Nash, including his new singles “Generation” and “ML4U” from the “Generation Love EP”, a few IDs and other tracks Matt is playing in his set at the moment!

Interview conducted by Sabrina Nowak and Max Bisi

Graphic by Marco Fienco

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